Caring for Our Hens

Making Sure Our Hens are Safe and Healthy is Important to Us.

We offer wholesome, nutritious and affordable eggs and egg products, and we couldn't do it without our hens. Well cared for hens lay the best eggs, so we make sure they have a nutritious diet, fresh air, proper lighting and excellent care. We rely on the guidance of our internal animal care team, which includes our full-time veterinarian and two nutritionists.

We provide our customers with a choice of egg products including traditional, cage-free and organic. Whatever you choose, you can feel good knowing that the hens that make it all possible are nurtured by people who care.
  • Regardless of the housing method, hens that lay eggs for our egg products are provided with fresh air, clean water and the right temperature and lighting levels, based on scientific standards and adjusted for each individual flock.
  • All hens are fed a high quality diet that is nutritionally balanced to meet their age-specific needs.
  • Our company-owned and long-term contract supplier farms are inspected regularly and audited for compliance with our standards.
  • We are a member of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply, a collaboration of researchers, universities, food and foodservice companies, animal welfare groups and others working together to better understand the best ways to provide a sustainable supply of eggs.
Michael Foods is a member
of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply

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