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Post Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries worldwide (“Company”) are committed to doing business ethically and to fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We believe this not only because it will help us avoid legal problems, but because it is the right thing to do.

This Code of Conduct (“the Code”) applies to all officers and employees of the Company. The Code is intended to inform you of certain legal and ethical obligations relevant to your position with the Company. The Code governs our business relationships inside and outside of the Company. The Company’s legal compliance policies, which are available to you electronically or in hard copy, provide further details about the Code.

As individual employees, we should not only abide by the Code set forth in these guidelines, but we should take the steps necessary to ensure that the Company is in compliance with them. In particular, each supervisor and manager is responsible for ensuring his or her employees understand and comply with the Code. No employee can justify an illegal or unethical act – even if he or she believes that doing so will benefit the Company. No officer, executive or manager has the authority to violate any law or to direct another employee or any other person to violate any law on behalf of the Company.

If you have questions about any of the Company’s business practices, you are encouraged to contact the Chief Compliance Officer or a member of the legal department. You may also report your good faith concerns according to the steps described in this Code of Conduct policy.


Robert V. Vitale

View Post Holdings Code of Conduct Policy

Report a Business Concern

Employees or customers who see or suspect unethical or illegal behavior are encouraged to report their concerns.

The Post Holdings, Inc. Ethics and Compliance Hotline allows you to submit a confidential telephone or web report about any concern or situation that could affect the work environment or poses a financial risk or other potential liability to Post. You are also encouraged to report any concerns you have regarding Post’s accounting practices or policies, internal accounting controls or auditing matters. This hotline and website are 24/7 resources administered by a third-party, not the Company. Because the manner in which reports can be made varies from country to country, the hotline will give you further instructions on how and to whom to report your particular concern.

To submit a confidential report from your location:

Call 877- 452-3658 or visit

Please be as specific as possible about the situation and location you are describing, so we can take prompt and appropriate action. Confidentiality and anonymity will be protected to the maximum extent possible, subject to applicable law, regulation or legal proceedings.

You will not be retaliated against because of a good faith report or because you cooperate with an investigation.

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