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Michael Foods delivers the quality, safety, functionality, value and capacity you need. And we come to you with the innovative spirit and ingredient expertise that can help grow your business.

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OVABAKE Enzyme Modified Whole Egg Product provides outstanding baking results with advantages over dried whole egg. OvaBake™ is a perfectly formulated whole egg product that delivers improved overall height, humectancy and crumb structure, better moisture retention for extended shelf life, a flavor more like baked goods made with liquid egg product, shorter mix time and the potential to reduce added emulsifiers. Details >>

PRECOOKED EGG WHITE PRODUCTS are healthy alternatives for health-conscious consumers made from 100% real, ultra-pasteurized eggs. These pre-portioned and precooked options are available in seven convenient varieties of puffed egg white patties, egg white omelets and scrambled egg whites. Details >>

Egg Products

SSL LIQUID/FROZEN/DRIED EGGS add functionality to dehydrated and intermediate moisture products, along with long shelf life and excellent mixing characteristics. Details >>

ESL LIQUID EGGS (WHOLE, YOLKS, WHITES, MIXES) are not only convenient, they're perfect for food manufacturing. Details >>

ORGANIC AND CAGE FREE EGG PRODUCTS Liquid eggs, precooked eggs and hard cooked eggs, organic and cage free options to meet your needs. Details >>

HARD-COOKED EGGS come in whole and diced, and are packaged in sizes and formats that meet your needs. Details >>

CUSTOM-DEVELOPED EGG PRODUCTS are one of our specialties. Our R&D team is one of the most innovative in the business. Details available soon.

PRE-COOKED EGGS include many varieties and all have extensive shelf life, plus excellent consistency and uniformity. Details >>

FRENCH TOAST, our Papetti's Table Ready® offers a complete line of delicious French Toast varieties. From healthy whole grains to "dunkable" sticks this French Toast is second to none. Details >>

Food Ingredients Products

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