The Troops enjoy the outstanding flavor and texture. The Kitchen appreciates the convenience, versatility, minimal storage space requirements, ease of transport, prep speed for high volume service, long hold times, and consistency high quality. OCONUS Prime Vendors appreciate Michael Foods' holding an MPA with DLATS and being an experienced Source Loader with focus on food safety.
Ideal products that increase Military Foodservices’ efficiency, cost effectiveness and personnel satisfaction
  • Pasteurized Liquid Refrigerated Eggs
  • Frozen Whole Eggs
  • Reduced Fat & Cholesterol Scrambled Egg Mix
  • Precooked Omelets
  • Whole Grain French Toast
  • Refrigerated Hash Brown, Diced & Wedge Potatoes
  • Wide variety of UGR-A Products
See our complete line of egg products, potato products, French Toast products.
Mess Hall photo by Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina
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