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Foodservice Products: Potatoes

Try the better way...the smarter way: Simply Potatoes. Simply Potatoes® refrigerated potatoes, are always made from fresh potatoes and they are never frozen. They are peeled and par-cooked so they have the same savory goodness as scratch potatoes. But they're more cost effective than scratch potatoes because we've done all the hard, time consuming work.

Our full line of refrigerated potatoes includes: Mashed - plain and flavored, Hash Browns, Diced, Fries, Sliced, Wedges and Whole Peeled.

Simply Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

  • Traditional Mashed
  • Seasoned Mashed
  • Red Skin Mashed
  • Home-Style Mashed
  • Deluxe Mashed
  • Red Skin Roasted Garlic Mashed
  • Sweet Potatoes Mashed
  • Northern Gold™ Mashed
  • Mashed Pulp
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Hash Browns and Diced Potatoes

  • Shredded Hash Browns
  • Special Cut Hash Browns
  • Skin-on Hash Browns
  • Southern Style Diced
  • Large Diced
  • Extra Large Diced
  • Red Skin Diced
  • Large Red Skin Diced
  • Extra Large Red Skin Diced
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Whole Peeled, Sliced, Wedges

  • Whole Peeled B's
  • Sliced
  • Red Skin Sliced
  • Skin-On Sliced
  • Hearty Cut Sliced
  • Red Skin Wedges
  • Small Red Skin Wedges
  • Quartered Red Skin Wedges
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