Crab Eggs Benedict Sandwich

Crab Eggs Benedict Sandwich
Crab Eggs Benedict Sandwich
Portions: 1
Serving Size: 1 sandwich
Papetti's® Table Ready® Egg White Patty 1
crab cake, pre-cooked 1
English Muffin 1/2
salt 1/8 tsp.
fresh ground black pepper 1/8 tsp.
hollandaise sauce, heated 2 Tbs.


1. Preheat oven to 400° F.

2. Place egg white patty and crab cake on parchment covered sheet pan.

3. Place in oven. Bake 5-7 minutes, or until both are hot to the touch.

4. Toast or saute English muffin until slightly golden and crisp.

5. Place hot egg patty on toasted English muffin.

6. Top with crab cake. Sprinkle salt and pepper.

7. Top with hot hollandaise sauce. Serve immediately.
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