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We offer a complete line of Extended Shelf Life refrigerated liquid, frozen liquids, dried powders, pre-cooked, and other value-added specialty egg products.

Our egg products have a long history throughout the foodservice/catering, commercial baking, retail and food processing industries as providing leadership roles in the development of egg-based products to meet the needs of the modern operator. We have recently introduced our Crystal Farms® cheese items to international markets.

As the world's largest egg processing company we take pride in offering innovative solutions to customers across a wide range of business channels. With over 20 years of experience exporting to our global partners, you can be assured that we will work with you to successfully navigate the language, labeling, documentation, and transportation requirements for your specific situation.

Our world-class R & D staff and innovative range of products are available to help your business grow and prosper. And our unsurpassed Quality Assurance Team delivers the safe, wholesome, and trustworthy products that your customers deserve.
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