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Bringing a highly sought after, convenient option to the refrigerated case

MINNETONKA, Minn. (January 18, 2016) – In an effort to continue bringing the variety and innovation our consumers want, the Simply Potatoes brand today introduces Plain Diced Potatoes.

The versatility of the NEW Plain Diced item allows for customization based on personal preference. This is an item that can fit into any meal plan. Use it as a side for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even as part of a main dish. “One of the best benefits of this item, says Dan Countryman, Associate Brand Manager for Simply Potatoes, is that it can be used in countless recipes.”

The new Plain Diced variety will expand on the current selection of fresh, refrigerated potato items including Plain, Southwestern, O’Brien and Garlic & Herb Hash Browns, Diced Potatoes with Onion, Steakhouse Diced Potatoes, Home Style Slices and Wedges.

Also launching with the product launch is a refresh of the Simply Potatoes packaging. Consumers will notice it retains its well-known “green bag” equity while reflecting a more modern design that stands out at shelf and includes fresh photography.

About Simply Potatoes & Michael Foods, Inc.

For over 25 years, Simply Potatoes has been delivering fresh potatoes that are as wholesome as they are convenient - all with a keen eye on quality, convenience and sustainability.

Michael Foods offers a full line of retail products sold under the Crystal Farms® banner. This includes Crystal Farms cheese, the third largest cheese brand, Simply Potatoes®, the leader in refrigerated potatoes and AllWhites® and Better'n Eggs®, the number one liquid egg white and the second largest egg substitutes brand in the country. Crystal Farms full line of dairy and refrigerated products are made with only the best ingredients to deliver exceptional quality, great taste and good value.

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