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Egg Comparison: Shell Vs. Liquid

Papetti's® eggs are real, wholesome eggs that deliver all the goodness of traditional shell eggs...plus multiple profit-enhancing advantages:

  • TASTE: Real eggs. That taste like real eggs.
  • CONVENIENCE: They're always ready to use, take up just 1/3 the cooler space, and have a shelf life 3 to 4 times longer than shell eggs.
  • SAVINGS: Save time. Save labor. Save money. And get a higher yield.
  • SAFETY: Pasteurized to ensure they're the safest eggs possible.

Egg Conversion Cost Calculator

Click here to see an EGG COMPARISON cost calculator.

Comparison Guide

Click here to view a side-by-side comparison of all the benefits of Papetti's Easy Eggs vs. shell eggs.

Watch This Video

Click here and learn all the benefits of Papetti's Easy Eggs vs shell eggs.

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