Shell Egg Conversion Calculator

Shell Eggs vs. Papetti's® Liquid Eggs

Fill in the shaded cells to calculate your savings.

Cost of Shell Eggs
A. Select Shell Egg Size (weight per dozen)
B. Insert Cost per Dozen ($USD)
C. Insert Hourly Wage (of employee prepping eggs) ($USD)
D. Estimated Yield
Up to 1/5 of shell egg is discarded*
E. Yield per Dozen (oz)
F. Yield per Dozen (Lbs)
G. Labor to Break Eggs (per dozen)
It takes about 20 minutes to crack 30 dozen eggs*
H. Total Cost per Pound
Papetti's® Liquid Eggs
A. Insert Cost per Case ($USD)
B. Insert Net Weight (Lbs per case)
C. Total Cost per Pound
Savings ($/Lb)

Annual Savings
A. Insert Weekly Usage (dozen)
B. Yearly Usage (Lbs)
C. Savings per Pound
Total Annual Savings

*Data based on industry averages and MFI Internal Time-Yield Audit.

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